Paula Findlay

Canadian Olympic Triathlete

Muddy, gritty, badass racing. Everything I love about Cross Country. It was an honour to wear the Green & Gold for one last time 👊


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There's a rainbow if you look really hard.

I drove over this bridge literally thousands of times in my life to get home from swim practice. It's currently being demolished as a new, stronger, better, nicer bridge has replaced it. As I ran over the new bridge today looking at the skeletal remains of the old one, my mind was exploding with cheesy life metaphors. But I'll just leave it with this cool photo. Bye green bridge 💚

On the ride at yesterday's #austin703. Thoughts on my first half: I had lots of unknowns coming into this race. I felt fit, but I've been full-time at school, riding mostly indoors, not sure if I was truly ready for the challenge. During the ride, I was never once bored or uncomfortable in the aero position, 2 of my biggest concerns. The constant drinking and eating, and an interesting course, kept me fully engaged. The run was my favourite part. I felt like I was moving well and I finished with a 1:20 split. A testament to being healthy all year and seeing constant improvements in my running. I have lots to learn about racing this distance, and I'm not sure when my next one will be, but I'm already looking forward to it. Thanks for the rad pic @scottflathousephoto 👌 and congrats to @sarah.b.true and @jeanniseymour on the podium.

Last little workout before heading to Texas 🤠 It's been a helluva week writing 3 exams AND getting ready to race, but it forced max efficiency under pressure. Legs up and books closed till Sunday ✌️🛫 #austin703 #booyah