Paula Findlay

Canadian Olympic Triathlete

Got the “Tour of Poway” from Eric today. I.e. Dragged up and down every winding, steep, dead-end road “for bike skills”. 🆘 #thanksbae


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I think a little ☀️ cures the winter blues. Happy to be back in California for some outdoor miles.

Made it through some crazy Oregon weather en-route to San Diego. What’s a road trip without a good blizzard? 😅🌨

11+ hrs in here this week. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.. and I’m not dead yet! 🥵 #polarvortex

Some things just need to work no matter what. My first thought with this watch? “Wow, that was easy” - cue a wave of relief. I don’t need a thousand extra features, just reliable GPS and a system that gets my workouts uploaded quickly, without fail. Thanks for that, @corosglobal, and here’s to an exciting year. #exploreperfection . Use Paula10 to get your own, link in bio.

The Tuesday check-up with Chris @pace_pdx. Strength, mobility & consistency for an injury-free 2019.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in how fast I “used to be”, but as soon as I let go of that expectation, I realize that I’m actually running pretty darn well. #nowisnow #temposaturday

This pool is the best because we’re the only people <65 not doing water aerobics, so we always get our own lane and always get told how amazingly fast we are. 😄 #lol #swimming