Paula Findlay

Canadian Olympian and Professional Triathlete

In an attempt to become more competent at my own bike maintenance, I picked out this @feedbacksports toolkit from @competitivecyclist 🙌 Super compact & portable to take in the van or keep in the garage. Get your own, or anything else you need to get out on the roads, using the code PAULA15 for 15% off your first order at (exclusions apply) #garagelife #sponsored


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Happy Sunday 😎 new Vlog is up! Stay tuned for some fun stuff we’re working on (🧢👚☕️), and thanks for following along, we appreciate it! Link in bio. #thattriathlonlife #windowsdown

I’ve taken over the @zootsports instagram story for the day, follow along to see our Friday coffee, puppy walks and a bit of training. 🙃

Of course I get to sit on the human’s lap during dinner time. (We’re crushing *most* of the puppy training rules). 🍷 @eric_lagerstrom

Quickly discovering that Eric is Flynn’s favorite. When we split up to run, he whimpers until Eric gets back. When I go run, he is totally cool and chills silently with Eric the entire time. 😑 #wonderful #dadsboy

What have we done? 🙈 couldn’t have asked for a better boy 💛 #flynn

Sunday Vlog: Mt Lemmon QOM attempt with @hjacksonracing. Huge kudos to Eric and Wattie for the logistics on filming this, it was NOT easy and they crushed it. They may have also been more serious about this than Heather and I 😂. Link in bio! #thattriathlonlife

Inspired by the guys to go for the Mt Lemmon QOM. Didn’t think I was fit enough right now but my competitiveness took over pretty quick 😂 thanks to Wattie and Eric for the sag & camera crew, and Heather for keeping me riding honest to the top. Stay tuned for more on the Sunday vlog 😛 📸 @seanwattiewatkins

Going nowhere fast. I’m very thankful for Zwift, keeping us fit in our garages, without boredom, for whenever we race again. 📸 @eric_lagerstrom 🧡