Paula Findlay

Canadian Olympic Triathlete


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Los Cabos 70.3. I’ve been struggling with a calf injury and was hoping it would hold up during this race, but it hurt way too much, so I pulled out 4k into the run. I set myself up well, coming off the bike with the leaders, but had to make the difficult call to not push through pain. Hands down the hardest part of triathlon is consistency. If I could run for an entire season without interruption, I’d feel unstoppable. Reflecting on the season, I had one great race at Saint George and struggled to stay healthy through the rest of the year. I made big goals, was motivated to keep the momentum rolling, but things didn’t go my way. Without that result in Saint George I’d probably be ready to retire right now. But glimpses of success and belief that the tipping point is close is enough to keep me in it. Thanks to my supporters, coach @pstriathlon, Eric, Mom and Dad, and everyone else who doesn’t give up on me! Time for a rest, clearly. 🙃

Behind the scenes. Hard to express how much I appreciate Greg’s total dedication to getting me healthy and moving well. @wavephysio 👊

Link in bio: Overland Triathlon! Eric has been working on this all year and the final product is simply incredible. “My ultimate goal with this project is that people will make it halfway through the film and close their laptop because they want to go out and ride themselves”. But trust me, you’ll want to watch the whole thing. 📸 @outer_elements @transition.four @eric_lagerstrom